1. Adrienne Pitts cloaked in color on set for Ryan Schude’s annual Phoot Camp group photo

    September 2014

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  2. Blue & Yellow

    September 2014

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  3. Desert Impressions

    Mark Lobo (top), Beto Ruiz Alonso (bottom)

    September 2014

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  4. Allow Stephanie to melt your heart…


    Dear Phoot Camp,

    It was so nice meeting you. I was so nervous to come and be surrounded by such INCREDIBLE talent, but you were all so humble, so kind, so genuinely interested in getting to know me and everyone else, and it just really warmed my heart.  The older members took the newbies under their wings without hesitation, and I’ve never felt so instantly part of a “cool kids club” than when I showed up at Phoot.

    You guys broke me down, wore me out, and made me a better artist. You made me no longer fear the night! As a natural light photographer, I dreaded having to use lights or a flash. after two days in a dark desert with you all, I have a new found confidence in night photography. 

    You never made me feel stupid when I said, “Hey will you get naked and stand in this bush?” You just trusted that maybe I had an idea I wanted to execute and you weren’t even gonna judge me or ask questions.

    You never made me feel rushed to get a shot.  Everyone was so patient and helpful and overwhelmingly supportive of everyone there and I can honestly say I’ve never been in that type of environment. When that many creative people can get together, make art, collaborate, share, and be so completely giving with their time, energy, and ideas… that is something so special. 

    I hate the phrase, “You had to be there,” but we all know how true it is. To wake up every day with only “breakfast, lunch, and dinner” on the schedule, yet still work and create around the clock just because we LOVE it so much, was paradise. The first night I got back to chicago, I woke up in the middle of the night, had no idea where I was, but I instantly reached for my camera and instead grabbed my cat. I was ready to shoot, explore, and hang out and that was the first real pang I felt and I’m not quite sure it’s gone away yet. 

    To feel like I have a strong network of likeminded photographers in various cities around the world is truly the greatest gift. You all well exceeded my expectations of Phootcamp and are all very important to me for all sorts of reasons I may never be able to put in words.  

    And lastly, I no longer fear getting in front of the camera! Before Phoot I genuinely hated having my picture taken, but after four minutes with Chris Butler who really didn’t care how much I hated it in the least, I got over it pretty quickly. And by the fourth day, I got naked and hugged a tree in the middle of the desert for a picture (which is super liberating and I highly recommend it,) so thanks for that. 

    Please stay in touch, friends. I really can’t wait to keep up with your work and see all the great photos you take forever and ever.  Also, thanks to squarespace for sponsoring this and giving us all a free trip to the desert, and to Laura Brunow Miner, who invented the whole dang thing. You rule. 

  5. Kate Edwards

    September 2014

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  6. Somewhere in the desert,

    September 2014

  7. jimmymarble:

    Georgia, In the Wilderness

    personal note: first time ever shooting on film.


  8. Another Phoot Camp has come and gone. I don’t know what to say about Phoot that hasn’t already been said. Maybe I’ll devote a blog post to that later, but for now I’ll just say that I love all of these people to the ends of the earth. 

    This year I pushed things pretty far stylistically to make some new and unusual work. It wasn’t always comfortable to go that far, but I think it’ll take me in some exciting directions.

    In order from right to left: Chad Nicholson, Tyler Sharp, and Josh Wool

    Salton Sea

    September 2014


  10. fall is coming

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  11. ransomltd:

    Sunspots and Liz.

    Shot on Kodak Portra 160 using a Leica M2.

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  12. My face 

    August 2014

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  13. Real mature

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  14. You can’t look away…

    Outtake for Phoot Camp Application

    May 2014

  15. I’m way behind on this, BUT…I am completely, mind-numbingly grateful to be going back to Phoot Camp this year. 

    One thing I love about Phoot Camp is that it always inspires you to lose yourself in the moment. Anything is possible when you’ve got 35 friends to rally around you. This photo was done in that same spirit. Within a span of probably 2-3 hours, this went from a glimmer of an idea to a fully realized moment. I bought a Speedo, shaved into a mustache, covered myself in baby oil, and convinced two friends to smash their butts on my head. That’s what it’s all about.

    I’ll be sharing a lot of outtakes from this shoot soon.

    Looking forward to making new friends and seeing the old ones. Check out all of the amazing portraits here…https://phootcamp.squarespace.com/phoot-2014/

    Thanks to all the great people that come together to make this happen.