1. Kevin “lomokev” Meridith is organizing this really cool phoot camp exhibit in Brighton this month. I’ll be joining in on October 7th (via Google Hangout) to talk about some of my non-phoot camp work as part of the MiniClick series. I’ve never done a lecture before so I’m a little nervous - it’s just like a book report, right, right?!?


    I’ve put together a montage of Instagram images shot at Phoot Camp 2011 & 2012. It’s made up of 200 images and is two meters wide – each image is roughly 9cm square so you can see all the details – this is definitely something you need to see in the flesh! It will be on display at an Exhibition of Phoot Camp work at the Old Market in Brighton from 5th October – 17th November.

    There will also be a MiniClick talk about the work on Tuesday 9th October at 7pm, several of the Phoot Campers will be speaking about there work some live and some remotely.

    See what over MiniClick events are happening at the Brighton Photo Fringe here.

    Images in the montage are by Adrienne Pitts, Anjali Pinto, Cody Bratt, David Todd, Gabriela Herman, Henry Busby, Berto Ruiz Alonso, Laura Brunow Miner, Lauren Randolph, Lisa Weatherbee, Liz Devine, Lucy Hewett, Mark Lobo, Matthew Brush, Michelle Alexis Newman, Neil Berrett, Nina Westervelt, Ryan Schude, Steph Goralnick & Kevin Meredith

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    This is happening tonight! If you’re in Brighton, come to The Old Market to see and hear Phoot Campers talk about their...
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    This. is..Epic!
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    I’ll be showing work in the Brighton Photo Fringe Festival, opening next week! If you’re able to make it, a bunch of the...
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